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Car dealerships are a tough niche to market. With overwhelming competition, it becomes extremely difficult in attracting customers easily. Your dealership needs strong marketing elements that are almost easily noticeable and offer maximum visibility. Custom-made dealership signs are one way to stand out from the competition and tarnish the generic stamp on your dealership. 

In order to compete with well-established businesses, you need to target specific outcomes. In other words, you need to target a specific pool of audiences to gain maximum reach for your products and services. Signs conveying impactful messages and crucial information about the business can guarantee results. For that, you’ll need high-quality, custom-designed, and installed dealership signs which can catch the attention of passersby. Houston Signage Company can help you achieve your marketing goals with their expert craftsmanship and design. 

We are a fully-operational sign company in Houston with an expert team. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of signs with any design, size, material, and shape. We are well-equipped with creative graphic designers, marketing specialists, installers, and project managers ready to assist in your creating the best-suited dealership sign for your business.

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How do you make people buy your product? You simply influence them into believing that you offer the best product and that there is no one offering that product as good as you. How do you achieve that? By smartly marketing your services and products and highlighting the best parts of your business. For a car dealership, you need special signs which attract customers from a mile away. 

When it comes to standing out amongst the competition, Houston Signage Company is the best catalyst. Our custom-made dealership signs are original, impactful, visible, and durable. People can easily distinguish your signs from the competition because it will be reflecting your business’s strong brand image and personality. This is what Houston Signage Company offers its clients – authenticity, and results. The point is to get noticed but our signs will offer you more than that. 

Yes, Houston Signage Company offers the uniqueness, warmth, and meaning that your business deserves in the shape of a dynamic dealership sign. We are experienced in fabricating your business’s ideals and brand identity into a noticeable sign of your choice. We start by analyzing your company’s image, then we produce a design which best coincides with your thoughts. After that, we choose high-quality elements to make your sign and then we decide on the location that would bring out the most from the sign. For an outdoor and custom building sign, choosing an ideal location is immensely important as having maximum visibility can make a great difference. 

Houston Indoor Signs that Keep Clients Informed

A facility needs to be organized, especially something as dynamic and busy as a dealership. There are many activities going on inside a dealership so it’s easy to run into chaos. Well-design indoor signs can play a vital role in keeping your dealership organized and working in full swing. With signs having the right information and installed at the right place, you can easily avoid confusion. Houston Signage Company can help you counter the chaos inside your dealership with the help of attractive interior signs. You can have them placed wherever important activities such as customer service, sales, inquiries, etc take place. You can also have signs for safety precautions, Covid SOPs, room ID signs, and more. Have your indoor dealership signs from Houston Signage Company made from vinyl for durability and have them installed at specific places so that customers can have a smooth experience. Indoor signs help in assessing important information and therefore make it easy for clients and customers to go about. Easily accessible information makes for a hassle-free dealership environment.
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Flaunt Your Brand With Vehicle Decals IN HOUSTON TX

There is one thing we always recommend to our clients and it is to use the right marketing tools for your product and services. For instance, interested customers at car dealerships normally take out the car for a spin. The test drive allows them to assess the product and get the feel of what they are buying. It is an effective way of getting the customer to buy the car. However, with just this strategy, you can do so much more for advertising your dealership. This is where the right marketing elements come into the picture and the one we are always recommending our high-quality vehicle decals. 

Nothing beats any amazing car roaming around with your dealership’s decal on it for everyone to see. You get to advertise your dealership through a mobile billboard and attract customers. You can have custom-made decals installed on your test-drive cars. So, whenever a customer decides to take a car out for a drive, you get to have your dealership advertised without actually making an effort to attract the customers. 

Houston Signage Company will make impressive vehicle decals for your dealership so your brand does not go unnoticed. You can take advantage of our exclusive products including full wraps, car decals, partial wraps, fleet wraps, and more. You can also have small vehicle decals of your brand placed on the cars you sell. This will ensure the maximum promotion of your dealership. 

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Dealerships in Houston, TX trust only Houston Signage Company when it comes to having the best dealership signs. Why? Because we are a trusted local sign making company who puts their client’s marketing needs before anything else. We have a lucrative list of numerous dealerships who are satisfied with our products from outdoor and indoor dealership signs to vehicle decals. Our team of professional designers, manufacturers, and marketing experts put together their heads in order to come up with a sign that is of the highest quality and above all, represents your dealership’s image in the best light. 

We are a sincere and trustworthy sign company because we are truly dedicated to not only promote your business but increase it as well. Our signs help stimulate customer interest because we closely analyze your brand’s image, your business’s goals, and your target audience. All you need to do is to mention your requirements and we will deliver the best product. 

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Our Sign Process

Free Dealership Signs Consultation In Houston TX

Dealership signs are an investment. The more people know about your dealership the more curious they’ll become and eventually would give your services a try. Therefore, it is important that dealership signs are meaningful and consist of specific signage elements that best coincide with your dealership’s goals. Our sign specialists and graphic artists will work with your side by side until you are satisfied with the end product. At Houston Signage Company, you can get vehicle decals, indoor, and outdoor dealership signs within your limited budget. If you want to have a free phone consultation with our dealership sign experts, then call us today at (281) 524-6959. 

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Free Phone Consultation

The first thing you gave to do is to place a call to our sign experts. This consultation is free, we don’t charge you a dime. During the consultation, we get to understand your needs and the details of your sign project. We also answer questions you may have and provide recommendations on the best signage option tailored to meet your needs and business goals.

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Sign Design IN HOUSTON

After the call, our team begins with creating your signage design. As a consideration, we include your brand elements, like your logo, colors, and other preferences to create a highly-personalized and unique business sign for you. We also include aesthetics to ensure your signage appeals to your customers at sight and leads to a better experience and satisfaction.

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Sign Creation

At this stage, your business sign design is ready, and the sign creation begins. Our high-skilled sign manufacturers ensure that your signage is made to meet your exact specifications with the highest standards of quality. The ease at which we transition to each stage fosters faster production time, and so gets your project done in the shortest time possible.

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Expert Sign Installation

The project is only completed after it has been installed. At Houston Signage Company, our professional installers see to it that your signage is installed with all finishing touches, and safely too.



For our dealership we were looking for signage that made us stand out from the competition. Houston Sign company was the best option for this. They helped us design, fabricate and strategically install signs for our dealership. The new signs have interested a lot of the customers and increased the amount of customers coming into the shop. The custom signs from Houston signs were exactly what we needed to revamp our business.


We got car decals from Houston sign company to improve the branding and reach out to a wider customer base. These decals have been perfect as the sleek and customized print adds to the car while promoting our dealership. They offer many types of car decals and the choices were endless. We got exactly the type of decal we were looking for and will surely be making another purchase.


My dealership was struggling to get customers through the door before. But with the new wooden outdoor signs, the traffic has increased quite a bit. The high quality wood along with the exquisite carving from their team, gives the dealership a more polished and sophisticated look. The business thus appears more inviting and attractive to the potential customers. Business has been booming all thanks to Houston sign’s wooden signage.

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The informational signs from Houston signs keep our dealership organised. With customers coming in all day it can be difficult to guide them on where to Go and what to do. To ease the process we got informational and wayfinding signs installed all over the place. The signs were customized to our preference and match the theme of our dealership precisely.

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We were not looking for extravagant signage for our dealership and were constricted to a tight budget. Houston signs were able to design, fabricate and signs exactly how we imagined and implement them in our office. They get the job done and keep the dealership clean with customers getting their information as they walk through the door. We would highly recommend Houston signs if someone is looking for customizable affordable signs.


For our dealership we had one main goal. That was to stand out amongst the other dealerships on our street. For that we needed a robust and eye catching sign that drove customers to us. Houston signs provided us with a high-quality and unique sign which made us appear unique and special. Our signage interested the potential customers and drove them to our dealership.

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