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Many types of vinyl are specifically designed for windows and glass applications because of its versatility. Whether you want to give your customers privacy or create an attractive window display, you can rely on Houston Signage Company for the best vinyl solution.

For a promotional display, the vinyl elements are applied to the window using a static-cling adhesion or a temporary sticky glue. This window vinyl is preferred by businesses who need to keep changing their promotional display because of the season, or when they have new product arrivals. Because this type of vinyl is easy to remove and reuse, it can be used for a long time if stored properly. This makes it an affordable and smart vinyl solution. 

Professional service providers like offices and restaurants are now opting for privacy window film. This is because of the expenses associated with having permanently etched or frosted glass panes. Also, businesses operating from a rented space may not be able to remove or replace entire window panes. 

Give your business a professional outlook by customizing your window cling and film to include your logo or brand message from a wide range of styles and textures.

Window film Houston TX

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Want to give your business an up-to-date look and appeal? Window film can give you that. Let Houston Signage Company help you turn your glass spaces into compelling decorative displays that will not only advertise your brand but motivate your viewers to walk in and purchase your products and services. 

We provide you with budget-friendly, and highly personalized, window stickers and films that are easy to remove, reuse, and replace. They can be used as a promotional display for sales announcements, new products and services, seasonal updates, and more. Whether you want to create individual graphic elements to speak your message or completely cover your windows, we got you. 

Houston Signage Company as a full-service sign provider has been trusted by businesses here in Houston to meet their signage needs. You can count on us to deliver. 

What kind of signage do you need? We got you covered. Whether custom-crafted promotional designs, full-color window decals, expertly installing window stickers or removing old ones, you can rely on us.

Privacy Window Film In Houston TX

Not quite ready to replace entire glass panes?  Houston Signage Company’s affordable, easy to remove /replace/reuse window film is what you need to provide the level of privacy your business needs. Choose from our comprehensive list, window film that would be right for your budget and business.

If your business needs a soft and relaxed vibe, our frosted glass film would be a perfect choice. The matte finishing on the glass reduces glare, harsh light, and provides shade and cooling.

You can also opt for one-way mirror films from a variety of shades, grades, and types. One-way mirror films make your glass and windows reflective on one side, and transparent on the other. They also serve as protection from harmful UV rays.


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Over the years, Houston Signage Company has been trusted by businesses to be their local signage and decal provider. You can trust us too. We are committed to providing your business with the highest-quality window film and technical support over time. 

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Free Phone Consultation

The first thing you gave to do is to place a call to our sign experts. This consultation is free, we don’t charge you a dime. During the consultation, we get to understand your needs and the details of your sign project. We also answer questions you may have and provide recommendations on the best signage option tailored to meet your needs and business goals.

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Sign Design

After the call, our team begins with creating your signage design. As a consideration, we include your brand elements, like your logo, colors, and other preferences to create a highly-personalized and unique business sign for you. We also include aesthetics to ensure your signage appeals to your customers at sight and leads to a better experience and satisfaction.

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Sign Creation

At this stage, your business sign design is ready, and the sign creation begins. Our high-skilled sign manufacturers ensure that your signage is made to meet your exact specifications with the highest standards of quality. The ease at which we transition to each stage fosters faster production time, and so gets your project done in the shortest time possible.

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Expert Sign Installation

The project is only completed after it has been installed. At Houston Signage Company, our professional installers see to it that your signage is installed with all finishing touches, and safely too.



When we heard about the privacy window film that Houston Sign Company has to offer we were relieved. The privacy window film we got in our restaurant was much more cost efficient and comforting for all our customers. These were so hassle free to install and even remove if you get tired of the same old look. Our clients are much more comfortable with the privacy of these window films.


Our office cubicles are sectioned off with large glass windows, because of popular staff recommendations we got the frosted films on these glasses and it has made our staff much more efficient due to lack of distractions. Houston Signage Company has the greatest selection of such window films that can also be used for promotional advertisement and much more. To keep the office aesthetic business casual we opted for the frosted films which were great in quality!


I own an indoor nursery which has large windows for maximum sunlight for my plants to grow. However some plants do not require as much sunlight or need to be protected from over exposure of sunlight in extreme climates such as summer days. Therefore we used the frosted matte films on our windows and my plants have been grateful. I was able to notice my plants that had previously been burnt or had been stunted or insufficient growth were beginning to bloom.

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I am extremely happy with Houston Signage for helping me cover my convenience store windows with their window films. We put up all our promotional offers and advertisements using these films. The windows are the most effective way to reach my target audience so anyone can see these advertisements and avail the best offers we have in store. This has really helped boost our sales and we are so thankful.

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I am such a huge fan of the Houston Sign Company’s window films and wraps ever since I started my own business. These signs are the easiest way to utilize empty window space that appears boring. They helped me customize my own design from scratch and were so accommodating to all my concerns regarding the process. Since my business is a small rental place I was skeptical about anything too permanent and these films were just the thing I wanted.


I wanted to get my salon windows tinted for the privacy of my clients at first, but when I heard I could use the Houston Signage window films to cover them I was thrilled. It is such a subtle way of promoting our brand and maintaining decorum of the salon. These signs are so versatile and are truly a good investment since you can additionally promote your own products.

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