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The hospitality industry consists of four main sectors namely – travel and tourism, hoteling, recreation, and food and beverages. These industries have churned in billions of dollars alone in the US and, therefore, we can understand the importance of heralding the standards of such an industry. Even though there are hundreds of factors that contribute to this industry but one tool which specifically influences customers are signages. You’ll be surprised to know how signages can help people make decisions in your business’s favor and how they can enhance their experience. 

The hospitality business works greatly on attracting customers towards their services and products. One of the most common ways of doing so is by promotion and marketing through impactful signages. Hospitality signages play a vital role in making customer experience both easy and satisfactory. Using signages may be the traditional way but their results are undeniable. That is why Houston Signage Company is dedicated to providing the best hospitality signs and displays for your business. 

We are a company that understands the importance of grabbing the attention of the customer. We are well aware of how effective displays can be in influencing people and informing them about your services. That is why we have a team of expert designers, managers, manufacturers, and more whose sole purpose is to create the most impactful signs for your business. Houston Signage Company is known for providing durable and custom-crafted hospitality signs made from the highest quality material.

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Illuminated Outdoor Signs

Guest experience is everything when it comes to the hospitality business and this experience starts with your business’s location. For instance, you claim to offer the best continental food in all of Houston but without prominent outdoor signs, how will people know if you exist? Therefore, the first purpose of installing impactful and visible outdoor signs is to let people know the location of your hotel or restaurant. Secondly, highly visible and creative outdoor signages tend to capture people’s attention more. Your sign must convince people to enter your establishment. 

That is why the Houston Signage Company recommends installing illuminated outdoor signs for your hospitality business. They are not only a perfect tool for getting noticed but will also increase business. Outdoor signages such as pole signs, dimensional letters, illuminated signs, monuments signs, and more are more than suitable for doing the job. 

Houston Signage Company can provide you with all of the above-mentioned signs in high quality. Our extremely competent team produces the most remarkable designs which are compliant with your brand’s and business’s image. If you agree to take our services, then you will find our team helping you from designing to installation.

Highly Customizable Business Signs

In order to make your hospitality business standout, your main exterior signage should be highly adequate, visible, and appropriate. Not just your main sign but all of your displays should be highly customized to represent what your business stands for. Your audience should be aware of the exact services your hotel or restaurant provides along with necessary navigational information. Signages that convey highly concise and relevant information tend to stimulate a positive customer experience even more. Your signages need to increase your business by conveying the brand message, helping them in taking decisions, and influencing them into taking your services. Only one sign-making company can provide you with such signages and it’s none other than Houston Signage Company. The key to making highly customized signs is to properly analyze the client’s business, its brand images, and services. This is why our marketing team will work to first analyze your marketing and promotional goals and only then will the graphics team move on to create the specific designs for the signs. After that, we tend to fabricate those designs into signages made with materials of the highest quality. We then install them at appropriate locations which would give maximum visibility and impact. Our company has immense experience when it comes to designing signages for hospitality businesses. We have worked closely with numerous specialty cuisine restaurants, recreational facilities, tourism and travel agencies, and hotels. Our expert team has provided each of these clients with signages which have given them 100% output. If you are looking for something dynamic, unique, and extremely efficient, then we suggest you look no further.
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Quality Informational Signage

As said before, the hospitality business is all about customer experience and satisfaction. In this line of business, the customer comes first and you need to use every element and tool in hand to make their experience the best they ever had. One of the most common things which may ruin this experience for them is confusion and misinformation. Vague instructions might confuse and even agitate your customers, therefore, quality informational signs are a necessity for your establishment. Customers need to be well-informed about all the services being provided and the important areas around the establishment. Therefore, you need to have signages that convey important information such as directions, guidelines, room IDs, important services location, allotted parking, and more. Your customers need to be fully informed or they will have a hard time getting what they want. This can only be achieved by placing informative and properly fabricated outdoor and indoor signages. 

Luckily, Houston Signage Company is experienced in fabricating such signages. Not only that but we also provide highly-recommended ADA-compliant signs. We make all sorts of hospitality signs which include interactive maps, door ID signs, navigational signs, safety signs, wayfinders, menu boards, warning signs, and more.

Full-Service Sign Company

There aren’t many sign-making companies in Houston which are competent enough to produce high-quality signages for the hospitality business. What makes us stand out is that our sigs aren’t dull and irrelevant. Instead, we make the most informative signs as our team works closely with the clients to learn about their marketing goals and brand identity. Only then we produce a design that is worth promoting your business in the best way. 

Hospitality signages hold incredible importance in the business as it is directly related to customer experience and business growth. We guarantee you that our signs will bring about a positive change in your business’s image and enhance customer satisfaction. We are popular among hospitality business owners because we provide a complete sign-making process. From analyzing your requirements and designing to installation and even maintenance, there is nothing Houston Signage Company won’t do for your signages. 

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Our Sign Process

Free Hospitality Signs Consultation

The hospitality trade is no exception to the fact that signages are one of the most effective ways of increasing business. Outdoor and indoor hospitality signs are directly related to customer experience. That is why, it is imperative that you choose a company which knows how to represent your business. The best sign-making company would know how to promote your brand and increase customers. Therefore, we say that there is no one better than Houston Signage Company in the industry for this purpose. We offer a variety of hospitality signages in the best quality design. If you need a little more convincing, then why not try a free consultation from our hospitality signs expert? You can reach Houston Signage Company at (346) 486-0532. 

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Free Phone Consultation

The first thing you gave to do is to place a call to our sign experts. This consultation is free, we don’t charge you a dime. During the consultation, we get to understand your needs and the details of your sign project. We also answer questions you may have and provide recommendations on the best signage option tailored to meet your needs and business goals.

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Sign Design

After the call, our team begins with creating your signage design. As a consideration, we include your brand elements, like your logo, colors, and other preferences to create a highly-personalized and unique business sign for you. We also include aesthetics to ensure your signage appeals to your customers at sight and leads to a better experience and satisfaction.

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Sign Creation

At this stage, your business sign design is ready, and the sign creation begins. Our high-skilled sign manufacturers ensure that your signage is made to meet your exact specifications with the highest standards of quality. The ease at which we transition to each stage fosters faster production time, and so gets your project done in the shortest time possible.

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Expert Sign Installation

The project is only completed after it has been installed. At Houston Signage Company, our professional installers see to it that your signage is installed with all finishing touches, and safely too.



These signs stand out of the crowd

I hired Houston Signage Company providers for crafting an illuminated outdoor sign for my hospitality business. The product came in a ready to install state and has helped me a lot in establishing a unique brand image and identity. 


Promoting my business was never this easy

Thumbs up! I ordered an illuminated outdoor sign and it has made it easier for me to attract potential customers.  I am highly satisfied with the product that I had received and I would suggest you try this amazing service provider around you. 


Personalized signs with top-notch quality 

It was hard to get a creatively designed illuminated sign and that too in the size and style of my choice. I consulted the experts at Houston Signage Company and they provided me with a high-quality sign that I thought of. Believe me, they deserve to serve you. 

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A worthy addition to my interior 

I needed something that can help improve customer satisfaction without disturbing the interior of my establishment. Who else could do it better than Houston Signage Company Providers? The informational sign I got is definitely a highlight of the hallway. 

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Quality and service reflects professionalism

People at Houston Signage Company value your money and are dedicated to working for your betterment. Their quick service and customer satisfaction is what compels me to recommend their services blindly. 


Creative design, desirable quality and exemplary customer services

When I needed an exclusive outdoor sign for my hotel, I was in search of the best sign providers in town. Luckily I met the officials at Houston Signage Company and they came up with what I exactly wanted. Try them out, you will never regret I bet. 

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