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Did you know school signs can do much more for your school than what you think?

Aside from the fact that they ensure safety, bridge communication gap, and foster involvement, they can also influence your branding positively. School signs give visitors and passersby a great impression of your school and reflect your brand’s image. Not to forget though that aside from the benefits a school sign offers, having one that is high-quality and durable is essential.

This is where Houston Signage Company comes in. As a reputable local signage provider, we offer school Signs and university signs and assist with the design, production, installation, and maintenance. Whether indoor signs, outdoor signs, banners, flags, changeable reader boards, we provide you with attractive built-to-last school signs that are strategically positioned for maximum impact.

Over the years, we have helped numerous learning institutions like yours achieve their educational signage project on time and within their budget. We are delighted to do the same for you.

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Every school has its signage needs, and this may differ from others depending on branding, budget, vision, and goals. No matter your school needs, Houston Signage Company as a full-service sign company gives you the option of customizing your signage to meet those needs from a wide range of sign types, materials, and production methods. We also understand that interior signs may be subject to close scrutiny, so we provide the highest quality of indoor signage.

Houston Signage Company has the best indoor sign for your school. Indoor sign options include aluminum lobby signs, portable vinyl standees, digitally printed banners, illuminated information boards, LCD signs, and much more. LCD, LED, aluminum, wood, and steel signs are excellent choices for durability and performance. But if you are looking for something temporal like for school events and congratulatory announcements, then Vinyl banner signs are best.

By allowing a reputable signage provider like Houston Signage Company to undertake your project, you are assured of having the perfect indoor signs to complement your school’s interior and speak your brand message effectively. i


Your school’s location may require that your outdoor signage complies with certain standards or rules such as signs, color, text, substrate, shape, and placement to ensure safety.  Houston Signage Company understands how crucial these guidelines are, and provide you with signs accordingly from conceptualization to installation.

For example, your exterior sign may be required to be reflective or illuminated. We possess the technical expertise and know-how to create such signs.

To ensure we provide any type of exterior signs your school needs, we partner with reliable suppliers for quality materials and substrates that serve their purpose and can withstand the toughest weather conditions. So whether you need pole signs, fascia signs, monument signs, marquee signs, or changeable letter signs, we got you.

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The three things all schools have in common and are full of are students, rooms, and rules. Rooms serve different purposes, rules need to be understood and students need guidance. Wayfinding signs can help you with all of that.

Wayfinding signs can either be identification signs, informational signs, directional signs, or regulatory signs. Houston Signage Company offers all options and also assists you in deciding the best fit for your school needs. Wayfinding signs make it easier for your students and guests to navigate your school and know where they should or shouldn’t be.

High-quality Wayfinding signage also informs your audience about your school’s rules and regulations, and things that can or cannot be done such as smoking policies, parking policies, speed limits, and others.

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Our years of experience in the signage industry have given us the technical know-how, tools, and suppliers to meet your school’s sign needs. At Houston Signage Company, our project implementation process begins by first analyzing your request, understanding your needs, and then working with you to deliver high-quality school signage that provides maximum impact. We have a team of professional graphic artists, signage experts, and project managers to see to the design, down to installation and repair of your sign.
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Our Sign Process

Free School Sign Phone Consultation

We know how vital your role in society is as a school, and we want to help you play that role easily. At Houston Signage Company, we provide you with great educational signs that will serve their purpose.

We are excited to discuss with you the numerous benefits good school signage can offer, just as you are excited about education and learning.

Call Houston Signage Company today at (281) 524-6959 to speak to a School Sign Specialist and get all questions you may have answered. 

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Free Phone Consultation

The first thing you gave to do is to place a call to our sign experts. This consultation is free, we don’t charge you a dime. During the consultation, we get to understand your needs and the details of your sign project. We also answer questions you may have and provide recommendations on the best signage option tailored to meet your needs and business goals.

Schedule your call with our experts at Houston Signage Company now at (281) 524-6959

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Sign Design

After the call, our team begins with creating your signage design. As a consideration, we include your brand elements, like your logo, colors, and other preferences to create a highly-personalized and unique business sign for you. We also include aesthetics to ensure your signage appeals to your customers at sight and leads to a better experience and satisfaction.

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Sign Creation

At this stage, your business sign design is ready, and the sign creation begins. Our high-skilled sign manufacturers ensure that your signage is made to meet your exact specifications with the highest standards of quality. The ease at which we transition to each stage fosters faster production time, and so gets your project done in the shortest time possible.

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Expert Sign Installation

The project is only completed after it has been installed. At Houston Signage Company, our professional installers see to it that your signage is installed with all finishing touches, and safely too.



I was suggested by one of my staff members that this company offers all types of signage services. For a week I was in search of a standardized company that has a variety of school signs, but couldn’t find anything up to my requirements. I wanted a durable monument sign made of marble, and just as I came across this company, I met all my needs! A very big appreciation for how active and quick they’re. 


My business is based on a couple of educational branches. For school, you certainly need a lot of sign boards. Not being aware of what their services consist of, I planned to see what they have got, and to be honest, I was just amazed by the productivity they have presented through the school signs. I’m totally in love with my school signs!


I wanted some school signs that are long-lasting and catchy for every visitor. When I got to know about this company and its services, I thought that I should give it a chance. Visited them and I got confused because of the diversity of signs they offer. The staff is so professional, they helped me throughout the whole project. You’d love their price as well.

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When I visited their office in Houston, I really liked their collection. They have highly talented staff who knew what I needed when they got to know that I was looking for school signs. For the interior of my building, they delivered me LED and electronic signs which have really helped in making the building look more attractive. 

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I just launched the very first branch of my primary school and I must say, this company has assisted me a lot. With such budget-friendly services, for a beginner like me who had already invested a lot in the building, staff, and furniture, the room for marketing expenses was barely left. They provided me a fantastic product at a very reasonable cost.


I have been buying their school signs ever since I got to know about them. Whatever I need the signs for, they are just up for it. For my school events, they provide me with all the vinyl banners I need to welcome the guests and attendees. In addition to that, I’ve been considering them from day 1 for the fact that they are highly professional and reliable.

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